Install Apache Guacamole on Debian

Installing Guacamole and Initial Setup

  1. Open a terminal and run the following commands:
    wget -O
    chmod +x
    sudo ./
  2. Select No, No, Yes to the prompts
  3. Set MySQL root and guacamole user passwords
  4. Wait several minutes for the install process to complete
  5. Open a web browser and navigate to http://DNS-or-IP:8080/guacamole/
  6. Log in with guacadmin/guacadmin
  7. Go to Settings > Users
  8. Create a new user and grant all permissions
  9. Log out and log in as the new user
  10. Go to Settings > Users > Delete the guacadmin user
  11. Go to Settings > Connections > New Connection
  12. Setup a test connection to a known working host
  13. Click Save
  14. Go to Home > Click on the created connection
  15. Enjoy browser based SSH, VNC, RDP and more

Optional Steps

  1. To remove the need to navigate to /guacamole, run the following commands in a terminal window
    sudo su
    cd /var/lib/tomcat9/webapps
    rm ROOT -r
    mv guacamole ROOT
  2. Open a web browser and navigate to http://DNS-or-IP:8080/ to reach the guacamole UI